A cult of meme accounts hell bent on bullying unsuspecting Twitter users into learning about the benefits of sound money has released a website called OpenSourceMemes.com. They seem to believe that the best way to teach people about Austrian econ is by adding dildos to their profile picture. Disgusting.

They even go so far as to boast “take this seriously, or stay dum bish” at the bottom of the website. Revolting behavior if you ask this reporter.

When reached out for comment on my concerns that opensourcememes.com was displaying poor behavior, co-founder Optimist Fields responded “smd bish” which I’m still trying to decipher. Their website purports to be in some sort of partnership with btckindergarten.com, a website that has a section called “the Teacher’s Lounge” along with other sexual innuendo.

I will report back as I learn more of this dangerous group.

By Bob Malakas

Bob is the first and the last on the scene.

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