In yet another reason to avoid interacting with the Bitcoin protocol, it turns out Bitcoin uses too much time. How does a protocol use too much time you ask? Let’s dig in.

Often times newcomers to Bitcoin will have many questions about why it has continued to clime in value over time, and how it’s possible that, despite many downturns in price, it has continued to eclipse previous highs and reach new market caps. These trends have caused many who call themselves “bitcoiners” to then spend countless hours watching youtube videos and listening to hours-long podcasts in an attempt to understand why bitcoin is as resilient as it is.

It’s not just time wasted watching youtube videos either. After a long enough time spent going down the “bitcoin rabbit hole,” bitcoiners will then waste time doing other frivolous activities, such as learning different macro-economic trends, learning how to cook a steak properly, wasting time at the gym, and even “sunning their balls.”

There can only be one conclusion to these different pointless activities: Bitcoin uses too much time.

By Bob Malakas

Bob is the first and the last on the scene.

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